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Course contents

This training course is broken down into 4 sections

  1. 1Mental Health Awareness
  2. 2Mental Health Problems
  3. 3Wellbeing Toolkit
  4. 4External Help
An animation about Mental Health - Mental Health Awareness
Introducing mental health and how to raise awareness

This section introduces mental health and raises awareness about removing stigma, the importance of mental health training, the common triggers of poor mental health, and it provides an insight into the influence of negative thought patterns.

Section 2 of our mental health awareness training looks at the different types of mental health problems

Section two talks about poor mental health and how to manage it - particularly loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression. It looks at changes in behaviour and what to keep an eye on, and it has additional resources that provide an overview of other mental illnesses, such phobias, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders and panic attacks - to name a few.

Our Mental Health Awareness training also includes a wellbeing toolkit!

This section is your wellbeing toolkit that can be used to manage day-to-day mental health. It offers a variety of insights, mini exercises, practical strategies, recommendations and some food for thought so you can use what suits you. It also explains the importance of creating a Wellbeing Action Plan at work.

We point you in the right direction for external help when it comes to mental health

This short final section is a hub for external mental health management. It offers you many starting points for improving mental health, or simply to maintain good mental health. It provides information on books, magazines, websites, apps, helplines and the different types of counselling and therapy that are out there - and how you can get started.

About this course

Mental Health is a serious subject. Nearlytwo-thirdsof people say that they have experienced mental ill-health. In fact, the HSE report that mental ill-health (specifically stress, depression or anxiety) is now accountable for over 50% of all working days lost and 51% of work-related ill health in 2019/20.

One of the biggest challenges with poor mental health is removing the stigma that surrounds it. Many don't hesitate to seek help for physical pain or problem, yet so many of us ignore emotional and mental health issues - or we feel too embarrassed, confused or scared to talk about them. This Mental Health Awareness Training discusses mental health the way you would a headache or the flu, and it encourages you to take care of yourself as you would a loved one.

This course raises awareness, it explains how to approach mental health and remove stigma; and also provides simple tools, tips, and ideas for day-to-day wellbeing management (for yourself and others). It's also a fantastic supporting tool for organisations looking to achieve compliance with the newISO 45003 standard.

快乐的员工平等更健康、更富有成效more successful staff. Put simply, good mental health is a win-win for every employee and their organisation.

Download ourfree white paper on mental ill-health in UK workplaces & ISO 45003 & wellbeing at work.

Shocking statistics behind Mental Health inUK workplaces

Only 13% of people reported that they live with high levels of good mental health in a survey that was recently commissioned by the MentalHealth Foundation.

Nadira Tudor, a presenter of Mental Health Awareness Training

Presented by

Nadira Tudor

The importance of Mental Health Awareness Training

It’s important that you comply with the law and understand the positive impact this training course can have on your organisation and employees.

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Mental Health Awareness Certificate

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I found the course very informative
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This was very helpful and made me think about my own mental health

Very informative
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Covered many ideas to help you stay mental healthy, along with good clarification of the areas mental health covers. Well presented and communicated and very useful.

Great course
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This user gave this course a rating of 5/5 stars

excellent tool for anyone suffering in
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

It should be encouraged more often at work place.

Factually okay, insensitive with advice.
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Factually the course is good, providing a good description of symptoms to look out for and what help is there. But the training says not everything works for everyone and you its not something simple to just "don't think like that" or "suck it up". Yet later on the course says "Just don't think negatively", " Just set and achieve a goal", "Just talk to someone" as if it isn't the same as saying "Just don't be sad". As someone who has suffered from mental health I found it very insensitive as it isn't that simple to "just do this", and ignores the fact that people struggling may well be struggling with even those. The course should be limited to explaining what mental illness is, what the symptoms to look for within yourself and your colleagues, and explaining what help there is. the video explaining what mindfulness was and suggesting trying it the video is good, as it lets people try it or keep it in mind when they might need to try it, but does not imply "If you are suffering from mental illness, this is the remedy" like the other videos. In relation to this point, the questions at the end again should be only relating to facts and what help is out there, not have questions such as "If you are having a negative thought what should you do?" with the right answer essentially boiling down to "don't have a negative thought.".

Very good entry level training for MH-A
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

This training gave me a good understanding of the most commonly diagnosed metal health conditions . I would like to think it will allow me to offer some basic support to somebody who may be struggling. It also helped me to re-set my own thoughts by providing guidance that I may use personally in the future.

loved it
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

very useful tool

Great lesson
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

Great lesson