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Covered in thisonline COSHH course

Course contents

This training course is broken down into 3 sections

  1. 1Hazardous Substances, coming into contact with them and the effects of exposure
  2. 2Hazard Symbols
  3. 36 Simple Steps
An animation of a blacksmith - CoSHH Training
Hazardous substances have been around as long as mankind itself, ancient Egyptians are shown in this image as part of COSHH  training

Substances that are hazardous to our health have been around for as long as mankind itself and many substances can cause risks to your health and safety if you don't handle them properly. So aside from the obvious things like bleach or acid, you need to be careful of all the substances that COSHH covers. In this section of our COSHH awareness training, we cover a variety of hazardous substances, how to handle them and the effects of exposure.

A group of warning signs for COSHH training

There’s a system, known as the Globally Harmonized System, that’s been adopted worldwide for each country to base their own legislation on. This system requires manufacturers of all chemicals in every country to provide information about the health risks the substances pose, so regardless of language, we all have the same understanding of the hazards. After completing this section you'll have a solid understanding of all of the COSHH Hazard Symbols.

A diagram showing hazards and risks in an office environement for COSHH training

This section takes a look at the various ways that your organisation can reduce and control the risks to your health and safety (including a COSHH risk assessment); and what you need to do if there’s an accident or emergency - this can be done by following our 6 Simple Steps.

About this course

The HSE state that all employers must provide information,trainingand instruction to all staff who work with hazardous substances. This also includes cleaning staff and maintenance staff.

It is estimated that hazardous substances account for around650,000 deaths every year, making it one of the biggest contributors to occupational deaths worldwide.By providing effective COSHH training online, employers can help to ensure that everyone in the workplace is competent to carry out their work safely.

Our online COSHH training course identifies hazardous substances, how they can be harmful, everyday storage,COSHH Risk Assessmentsand what they are used for.

All levels of staff and management should be able to:

  • recognise the potential hazards posed by their work
  • be able to take action to reduce or eliminate the risks with suitable control measures against COSHH
  • understand the role of personal protection in ensuring good occupational health

Equip your staff with the knowledge needed to safely store hazardous chemicals and how to respond if they are exposed to hazardous chemicals; as well as giving them a solid understanding of the hazard symbols and the '6 simple steps'.

Working with Asbestos? Or think you could potentially disturb it? Please see ourAsbestos Awareness Training Course.

Are you aware of yourCOSHH responsibilities?

When it comes to COSHH, both employees and employers have responsibilities to ensure a safe working environmentfor everyone!

COSHH - Employee and Employer Responsibilities
Nadira Tudor, a presenter of COSHH Training

Presented by

Nadira Tudor

The importance of COSHH Training

It’s important that you comply with the law and understand the positive impact this training course can have on your organisation and employees.

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CoSHH Trainingcertificate

Download and print

Each of our courses ends with a multiple choice test to measure your knowledge of the material.

This COSHH Training course concludes with a 20 question multiple choice test with a printable certificate. In addition, brief in-course questions guide the user through the sections of the training and are designed to reinforce learning and ensure maximum user engagement throughout.

As well as printable user certificates, training progress and results are all stored centrally in your LMS (Learning Management System) and can be accessed any time to reprint certificates, check and set pass marks and act as proof of a commitment to ongoing legal compliance.

What does my certificate include?

Your COSHH Training Certificate includesyour name,company name(if applicable),name of course taken,pass percentage,date of completion,expiry dateandstamps of approval or accreditationsby recognised authorities.

Please note if you are using our course content via SCORM in a third party LMS then we are unable to provide certificates and you will need to generate these in your host LMS yourself.

CoSHH (v2) Training Certificate

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